Many teens over the course of their four years in high school will need academic reinforcement to help them succeed in school. Whether the issue is study skills, organizational strategies or support in the area of English, writing or research, I provide structured assistance that meets the needs of your child. Every child is different and every student should be taught in a way that meets his or her social, emotional and intellectual needs.

I provide individualized academic assistance and teach organizational strategies to students looking for an enriching and rewarding tutoring experience outside of the classroom. I approach my practice with the goal of providing support that is academically therapeutic; I teach and reinforce challenging concepts in a way that addresses the student's individual needs. I work closely with each student to ensure an experience that creates confidence and promotes an interest in doing well. I take great care of each child and work closely with families and teachers to create a support system that is positive and long lasting.

When students take a break from school to seek outside therapy, it is important to know that the transition back into the school system will be will be a positive experience. I have served as an advocate for teens reentering the school system after both inpatient and outpatient care. Helping them stay on top of schoolwork, collaborating with classroom teachers and setting reasonable goals is the primary function of my role.

Most importantly, as parents we need to know when it is time to seek outside help for our children. Whether it requires just a few sessions or weekly maintenance, providing positive academic support in order to improve student performance is often a necessary component of the high school experience.