Twenty-five years ago, I began a career in education that has taken me on a wonderful journey. After teaching, I began a career in educational research that allowed me to write about and present current research in the area of family development and early childhood education. I had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the most influential educational researchers across the country. It fostered a love of writing and research; I was utilizing my writing skills and staying true to the field that I loved.

In 1995, I began to tutor community college students in the area of writing skills and grammar and soon began tutoring local area high school students in English, history and writing. I was asked to assist a former student with the creation of her college application essays – and I was hooked. This unique experience brought tremendous professional satisfaction and allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with my students and their families.

In 2010, I joined Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development where I created curriculum and taught honors English to gifted high school students from across the country. As my tutoring practice grew, I decided it was time to devote my career exclusively to private tutoring and essay development.

As an academic tutor, I work closely with teens that need reinforcement in English and history. I collaborate with classroom teachers to ensure structured, productive sessions. I have extensive experience with teens that have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and I have worked closely with young adults on the Autism spectrum. I service students with 504 Plans and IEP's. My background includes coursework with the Rush Neurobehavioral Center and I use their Executive Functioning curriculum exclusively when providing assistance in the area of study skills, organizational strategies and test preparation.

Very often the stress and anxiety of school can be overwhelming. Social and emotional issues can prevent teens from moving forward in their daily routine. I work closely with students reentering the school system after extended outpatient treatment. This transition requires a sensitive and compassionate advocate; I provide ongoing support until the student is fully acclimated back into their regular schedule. I collaborate with therapists, parents and classroom teachers to make the process smooth and successful.